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Something I wrote for
Vivid DVD's are getting better and better. Vivid DVD's are offered on the vivid website and at quality porn dealers! Well, you know the places, electronic stores, porn stores, mom and pop video shops where they have a back room where all the guys go to get the porn videos for their wifes, that is where you will find vivid. I even saw a vivid video of a girl giving a blowjob in the back room of a video store. That is always a turn on when a girl walks in there. .but like how often does that happen? And what the fuck do you do? Watch her pick out video, see what she is into? So you see she like orgies, do you say "maam, did you ever see this vivid video of four girls getting fucked by a bunch of black guys with real long cocks? And she say "no. .but tell me more about it" she says. .while looking at the cover of the box. "Well, the girls are pretty. . .no she says, tell me about the guys, do they cum in her mouth?" she says. "Yeah, they fuck this girl and she really looks like she does it just because she likes cock, you know not an actress but she just is like the girl you meet and she just like wants to get busy after the first hour, you know the girl who just like to get cocks pushed deep insider her as often as possible" you say. "I love video of guys who are rough, guys who pull girls boobs out and start fucking them really fast. .and seeing the girls who really get turned on by that. Like this video, this girl is out riding in a truck when it breaks down and three guys end up gang fucking her for a ride home. .but she loves it and really had money to get home, she just wanted to see how much they would pay to fuck her nice ass. She was a real bitch in that one. Now your dick is hard and you just want to pull it out and show her why you'd love to fuck her big ass. .first you thought she was a fat mom but now that she is talking about sucking cocks you don't hesitate to think how you'd fuck her on any sunday. "well ya, they cum in this blondes mouth, and they cum in this other chicks mouth too but really I like this cuban girl here . ."do the guys fuck her mouth, like really hold her mouth and shove their cocks inside? she interrupts. I love it when guys hold my mouth like that, and when girls fuck for money." she says. "I don't think there is anything wrong with it. .have you ever paid for sex?" she asks. "umm a few times. .would you pay to have me suck your cock right now, or in my bedroom?" she asks. "Yeah, I'd pay" you say. "how much?" she asks. ."umm $100.00 for a blowjob" you say? She looks at your pants and looks at your boner. You look around and see the video owner has left and is outside smoking. "No one is here. .yeah I like those guys who fuck girls mouths. ." she says as she unzips your pants and gets down on her knees. The naughty mom looks up at you as she takes your whole cock in her mommy mouth. .you stretch to grab some of her big ass as the video store owner walks in. "Lisa you got another guy" he says. "sorry babe, I couldn't help it. cumm here sweety." she says. Upset that you might not get to blow your load in her mouth, you are shocked as she pulls the video owners pants down and starts sucking him. .pulling your cock she takes both cocks in her mouth. You are about to cum when she stands up while the owner goes to lock the door. She pulls out her big momma boobs and you start sucking on the left one. .finger fucking that hot momma while jacking off. The owner comes in and starts to fuck her from behind while you shove your cock deep into her mom mouth, pumping her face sideways as you look at her boobs bouncing back and forth. Grabbing one of her tits you notice a video camera in the corner of the room. It's seems to be pointing right at you, and you are pretty sure it wasn't before. You look back at her as she starts to suck on your balls. Looking around the room you notice another camera, this one low in the corner of the room. "Hey dan, how many guys has your girl fucked in this room?" you ask the owner. "Oh about 60 guys. .we have all of them on tape at home. Want to go and watch them?" Kathy stands up, pleading to go home as well. "We can have some drinks and you can sleep over if you want" she says. You agree. Kathy takes your hand and walks you to her car, leaving without the owner. "He can take the taxi". I drive along El Segundo blvd and see a liquor store. We get some jack daniels and we start to drive to the hills. Kathy's unbuckles and starts sucking on your cock in the car. .grabbing her ass with one hand you try to keep your eyes on the road.
At the house you enter with Kathy as she makes the room up. .looking out the window for her boyfriend you sit down on the couch. Dan walks in and grabs a beer, then puts in a DVD. The video starts with THREE guys fucking Kathy's mouth in the video store. "She fucked three guys ?!" you ask. Yeap, Dan says as he watches with pride as his curvy momma wife takes three cocks deep inside her. Fast forwarding he stops at a video of a deaf guy who she fucked. "That was wierd, kathy says. .I mean he couldn't hear a damn thing I said, but I could hear him moaning and he really fucked me hard. .my legs were sore the rest of the night from that deaf guys cock" she said.
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