Rod (ruderod) wrote in readthefuture,

year 2088, commentary found on CW band logs (the citizens wireless e-band)

Oh how the city council has done it again. Seems like a closed door session from the seventies. They must of have a private session in a cyber pub or something at the same time last week. How else would all council members unanimously vote on the construction of the new water reactor in the east district?

Everyone knows this was built only to satisfy the industries on the east side. Most of us condo owners on the west still have tap water that is uncleanable? When will our tax dollars go to a community project instead of a corporate give-away?

I tell you, next year we will be able to buy waste water for our homes at market prices! Most can't even afford to buy enough waste water to take a bath! We need waste water that is at least won't clog our homefilters every other day.

The city acts like it is doing us a favor by giving us a discount on wastewater!

Some of us do like to take a shower with cleanwater you know? When will homeowners and renters be able to make their own cleanwater while still paying the rent! ?
Thank you.
Carl Lafaso.
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