Rod (ruderod) wrote in readthefuture,

year 2014, a commentary from a eportal

When we look back at the "mideast war", we think of all the people that have died. I write today in my ejournal about the 25 young men that died from my home town of Riverside, California. Twenty five brave souls that went into the sands of Iran, the jungles of India to fight the "terror".
I think about vietnam and then I think about the mideast war. I have very similiar thoughts when I look at the vietnam wall and the mideast wall. About the same number of people killed, and for what reason? I remember thinking that there would never be that many people killed as their were in Vietnam. How could people let that happen?

It was communism they say. People thought it was worth dieing for, to prevent the spread of communism. With the mideast war, it was terror. To stop terrorism, 29,000 of our soldiers died. A cause well worth it in the end, we say. Just like vietnam.
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