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Saturday, November 27th, 2004
12:14 am
Something I wrote for http://www.poptopic.net
Vivid DVD's are getting better and better. Vivid DVD's are offered on the vivid website and at quality porn dealers! Well, you know the places, electronic stores, porn stores, mom and pop video shops where they have a back room where all the guys go to get the porn videos for their wifes, that is where you will find vivid. I even saw a vivid video of a girl giving a blowjob in the back room of a video store. That is always a turn on when a girl walks in there. .but like how often does that happen? And what the fuck do you do? Watch her pick out video, see what she is into? So you see she like orgies, do you say "maam, did you ever see this vivid video of four girls getting fucked by a bunch of black guys with real long cocks? And she say "no. .but tell me more about it" she says. .while looking at the cover of the box. "Well, the girls are pretty. . .no she says, tell me about the guys, do they cum in her mouth?" she says. "Yeah, they fuck this girl and she really looks like she does it just because she likes cock, you know not an actress but she just is like the girl you meet and she just like wants to get busy after the first hour, you know the girl who just like to get cocks pushed deep insider her as often as possible" you say. "I love video of guys who are rough, guys who pull girls boobs out and start fucking them really fast. .and seeing the girls who really get turned on by that. Like this video, this girl is out riding in a truck when it breaks down and three guys end up gang fucking her for a ride home. .but she loves it and really had money to get home, she just wanted to see how much they would pay to fuck her nice ass. She was a real bitch in that one.Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
10:36 am
year 2088, commentary found on CW band logs (the citizens wireless e-band)
Oh how the city council has done it again. Seems like a closed door session from the seventies. They must of have a private session in a cyber pub or something at the same time last week. How else would all council members unanimously vote on the construction of the new water reactor in the east district?

Everyone knows this was built only to satisfy the industries on the east side. Most of us condo owners on the west still have tap water that is uncleanable? When will our tax dollars go to a community project instead of a corporate give-away?

I tell you, next year we will be able to buy waste water for our homes at market prices! Most can't even afford to buy enough waste water to take a bath! We need waste water that is at least won't clog our homefilters every other day.

The city acts like it is doing us a favor by giving us a discount on wastewater!

Some of us do like to take a shower with cleanwater you know? When will homeowners and renters be able to make their own cleanwater while still paying the rent! ?
Thank you.
Carl Lafaso.
10:17 am
year 2014, a commentary from a eportal
When we look back at the "mideast war", we think of all the people that have died. I write today in my ejournal about the 25 young men that died from my home town of Riverside, California. Twenty five brave souls that went into the sands of Iran, the jungles of India to fight the "terror".
I think about vietnam and then I think about the mideast war. I have very similiar thoughts when I look at the vietnam wall and the mideast wall. About the same number of people killed, and for what reason? I remember thinking that there would never be that many people killed as their were in Vietnam. How could people let that happen?

It was communism they say. People thought it was worth dieing for, to prevent the spread of communism. With the mideast war, it was terror. To stop terrorism, 29,000 of our soldiers died. A cause well worth it in the end, we say. Just like vietnam.
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